Friday, August 20, 2010

aku rasa..

-Annoying Anonymous-

aku baru perasan aku suka cakap dengan bende yang tak
bernyawa. contohnya laptopku.

aku: kau , kalau hang lagi, aku sepuk pale kau.

Laptop: *bunyi kipas moto laptop*.......

aku: pergh, kurang hajar kau, aku nak main Dragonica nih, kalau kau lag lagi memang
serious aku delete kau pastu aku takkan download kau lagi biar aku download kat rumah
mak aku pastu aku main kau sampai lebam !!! arghh tension nye !!!

Laptop:( telah dibarai dan dicabut wayar batteri dan batterinya sekali).......

takde sape nak ckp dgn aku.wuuwuu

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 Rejected theories.

-Annoying Anonymous-

A tragic tale of romance, passion and murder most foul, now we all know.
that a tale will be a tale for it doesn't and would not be alive..

"I hope your heart will be sore by day. Will be dead by night.
no one among us will survive in this threatening fright.

I suffered for falling in love with you.

I suffered everything.
Now shall I say that I represents the devil.
Who will ends y
our journey. Immediately."- motherfucker.

1.Sick Of Sick
She wonders why
Pretty & energetic lil creature like
Butterfly lives
only for awhile?
She knows, that it doesnt intend to say goodbye.
but still.. why?

2.He Promised.

The sky witnessed all the oaths that they've made.
"Your heart designed and fit with mine."
That's what he said.
She trusted him.
With a blink of an eye,
her heart was treated with vile.

4.unbearable pain.
She can't endure this feelings
She seeks for forgiveness, but she found rebel.
He gave her wounds, and she seeks for amend.

He brought her in his arms.
Made her lay on his body.
Tuck her to sleep.
For once,
She felt the suffering was easily eased down.
But it's just another expected nightmare.

6.Unforgiven for-grieve.

He slowly left.
Sending her away.
The rain agreed with her tears.

7.Forgot That He Wasn't Here.

When She met him for the first time,
She thought that he was her
knight in shining armor.
That will pours away pain,
for her.
She thought he would gives some sunshine and rainbows,
for her.
Pluck away the thorns from roses,
for her.

8.Choose The Choice.
With all her strength
with the knives that been sharpened
She chose to end her life when
She always knew that she had a chance to live.
She doubted it and she always choose the wrong path
from the start.

9. 7+1 sick stories.
I guess now that in real world,
there's no knight in shining armor and
no prince charming that will hold her hand
for just a little while.
I guess no.
There's only backstabbing,anger,lonely and sad.
Conquering every living person in this world.
That just a whole load of pain in the ass.
Don't die, just
fake the smile.

Yeah, just like he said.