Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new attitude needed hmphh :[

- fucking annoying -

just can't let myself keep getting hurt right? so

1. ignore what people do, like if they say something or get mad at me. i'll just pretend to hear,but ignore it at      
    the same time : |.
2. this face : | <------------ gonna be really helpful x)  : |

hope? its so 1990's

- fucking annoying -
I know I complain too much about my life.
I like to keep things to my self.
I don't like people to know my problems.
I tell the important parts only.
Sometimes, I want to fucking share about my problems, my happiness , whether i am sad or im happy or any feelings that i feel to person that i love and trust. but i can't coz they would not understand. Even if I tried to.
They won't.
They know my name, They know my Stories, but They don't know how i go through it..
i always listen to them even 1%, but i still listen.
but i just can't tell them 100% coz my life is too problematic and hectic to be heard.
how about talk to my mom, oh my sister how about my brother?
damn you,believe me, i tried, they don't understand and i'm tired.
they treat me like i am a fucking naive child.


well the next thing is,
 i'm gonna regret the decision that i've made and i will make from the first time.
things aren't will just stay like that. i bet no,
i fall in love once, twice, third and this is not the last time.
i hope he'll find another one who is much more better than me.
coz i know, i flunked in life. i'm a bad person and i deserved no better than a devil.



well, i flunked in this department too, i suck, i'm too stupid to get my brain to function
spm this year, still am a playful Elle. play much.
worthless for my parent : mom to spend those money to the home tutors.
really suck to be me. I surely want to be dead in my mothers stomach if i know how hectic my life is.