Tuesday, June 28, 2011


- fucking annoying -

okay, so my band, Lakes and Snadders, [ you can check us out here : http://www.facebook.com/lakesand ]
had an invitation to play at Shalien Studio, Taman Tas, Kuantan.
yeap, the event was on 25/6/11, that was last Saturday,
And I was tooooooooottaallleyhh excited bout itttttt.

Emir, Fazi, Khalaf ,Haikal and I went there by busss,
you know, if we went there by car,
a lil bit of high maintenance, the tolssss, the minyakks and all.. and what if there'll be an accident or shits like that. and what if we..,(saw ghost?!)
okay, not that you guys care bout it. x)

sooo we took the bus at 10.45 pm, SANI EXPRESS of course safety and COOOLLDDDD.
and we arrived at 4.30 a.m
fazi and khalaf, the most noisy people in that bus.. till this makcik grinning at them, she's angry I can tell, she scold them and said "Ni bukan tempat jamming, nak bising bising pergi lah tempat lain"
well, i was dozing at that time, but i still can hear that makcik and and those bitches babbling at each other. LOLERS.
and because of that, me and emir can't sleep properly..so the conclusion is, we did not sleep at all. ==
thanks to raredollz and amy kamarzaman and one of his friend, coz meeting us and took us to the studio.
there was so much excitement ahead of us despite of the knackeredness lol.

so, the event started at 2.30 something, and we are the fourth band to play.
first, we present the crowds with our new single "Now I claim your sun" and then SWING for the last time and then Clarity arises.

THIS WAS OUR 3RD GIG, and I never, ever expect that the crowds in Kuantan are likely to accept us
you know what i mean like, they fucking head banging to our songs ! and iii can't believe itttt
and this is our first time to NOT to play an OPENING to an event like this. so jyearghh
and i think WE enjoyed ittt, A LOT ! to meet new crowds, new bands new members and all.

you see what i mean yaww
the crowds are soo supportive we love you guysss

Diary for my ex and us :)
and after that, we stayed for a few bands, like V.S.T.M ,M.B.F and  i can't remember..
 some of the pictures were taken, there's lot of em, but you can see it in my album at facebook, of course :)
my hair's sucks, so i always use my hand to cover the suckiness haha
and yeah, some "selingan" before we rode the bus. XD hahaha
seriously, if we had the chance, we want to perform there again, but of course, with huge amount of benjamin in our hand and a CAR  :3
aaanddd one thing, I didnt shower yet. :P. HAHAHAHAHHA gooodddbyeee ya'll, will updating some more memorable events these pass few daysss coz I WANT TO TAKE MY EFFING SHOWER RIGHT NOW !! and thanks for reading this not-so-important-thing-to-you post :X till then buhbye


- fucking annoying -

You know you're my only one.
tho we're only been in relationship like what? 2 weeks?
buuuutt youu knoowww iii laaaiiikeeeee youuu siiinncceeee whhheeeennnnnnnnnnnn and
there's no word to describe how grateful I am to have you by my side.
Despite of my flaws and all those shits I've done,
you still encourage me to change my self to be a better person.
and I WILL be a better person.

i'm sorry if i'm not the best for you,
coz i know that i'm not beautiful as the others, my thighs big as you can see, i'm boyish,
i really don't know how to love someone, and you know my mistakes that i've done in the past, but let bygones be bygones.
i'm really sorry if I've done something that make you hurt or make you feel annoying or boring.

when we meet, you knoww maybe i'm a lil bit quiet or laugh a lot that is because.. 
i'm quite shy actually when you're around.
i don't know what we should talk, i just want to stare at your face
and hear you laugh your voice when you're telling me things or stories, and smile, I KNOW IT'S NOT LOGICAL to stare at your face ALL THE TIME,
but you understannddd xD hahahaa
and that is because i know that i will never met anyone else like you. :)

i know "I love you, is not enough"
but there's no other words that i can say better than that,
I really love you and I never want to lose you.I meant every word that I say m.hanif. :')


My heart’s a stereo,It beats for you, so listen close,Hear my thoughts in every note

and and, i'm scared/shy to tell you directly, so I just write this here.. sorry again .___.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i love you very the much !

- fucking annoying -

i thanked god that i met him :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

baby :)

- fucking annoying -

thanks for yesterday and the gift,I really didnt expect that.
i am missing you already when you went back home although we've already spending the time together for quite a moment there. :')
and yesterday was really awesome and it is one of the best memories i've ever had x)

hope to see you soon love <3


xD one of me mates said that he's christopher drew and im alexia O_O


candid ==
i tak nak makan boleh? :P

Iloveyou,Ireallydo <3