Sunday, May 4, 2014

- fucking annoying -

Hey! Don't laugh at the title.
 It's normal to write this when you're a 17 year old girl that
don't have a normal relationship for quite some time..
* Okay, now I'm regretting this for writing this x) *
* i dont want to get too serious, just normal and happy relationship *
It's normal okay! So, don't laugh. :3
I'm completely reformed.
For I am ashamed of my self coz I know,the last time I wrote something about quote unquote this thing so called
love is when I was the "Anti- lover". People change attitudes and their feelings vary.

I admit it. I can't resist the nature of life.
When it comes to love, there's no resistance of it, we can't deny that we can live without love. It's nonsense.
It's like herpes, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, it will keep coming over again and again.
We'll stop. For a moment, but this feeling however will reappears.
Okay, maybe we can stay away for awhile, but we can't stay away forever.
We can search the right one when it is the right time, or to be exact, they'll come to us, someday.
Some may find that him/her self kind of have the allergy for the word "LOVE" like I used to,
but then, I realized, until when right?

I want a flawless/perfect boyfriend.
I'll highlight the "perfect" word.
My definition of perfect goes something like this :

I want a boyfriend who can
follow me to travel around.
Coz I like to travel u know.

I want a boyfriend that uses his own money. Not mine.
I know I'm a soft hearted girl when it comes to money. Especially if the person is someone whom u like or love. A lot. * now that I told you guys about this, don't you ever take advantage of me *
I need to be selfish in one thing : money !
I use my own benjamin($), and you use your own fucking franklin($) aite ?

Now,read this carefully, I'm not that parsimonious, but I'm sick and tired of giving away my money for free without any
return. I mean,not that I wanted "things or gift" as in returning the favor but at least a "thank you" would be enough laah.
Don't be such a pig.
We can like, exchange things up, I would love some give and take. It's the fairest thing to do so far I know.
I'll buy you food, and you'll bring me to the cinema, watch movies.
if I give give give, U take take take, mana boleh jadi bro. haha
If u give give give and I take take take, you would be annoyed or angry something like that also rightt? :3

I like short hair guy, same goes to the long hair one. I love them both.
However hmm, not too short, not as well as too long la kot? xD
I like guys with various way sense of style. Who can pull Hippies, Vintage, Emo, Reggae , Urban.
Universal you know.

Needless to say, I'm bored with the style I'm growing up with. that's why I rarely upload new pictures on facebook.
Same hair cut since I was in standard 5? Now come on, it's depressing!

Regardless what people would say about me, I know that I'm not one of the "Barbie", though some guy
like it when their girlfriends tend to be sweet or "mengada-ngada".
But sorry sir, if that's what you like then just go on with it. x)
i have nothing to argue about.

Boys who good in English and educated really turn me on. * like fo real dude.

Note : I have a very huge wall of ego . if you can break it , then you're my man. :D

Exp: (pergh ada example tu HAHA XD) *im trying to be detail in this . lol
example : You text-ed me something like " hey how are you " . and I know I will reply this
" I'm fine thank you, how bout you? Have you eaten?"
then you replied this " fine. I ate already "
I won't reply to this.
but you kept sending me txt messages saying that " omg elle, you're very snobbish " or " why you didn't reply to me".
then, there will be definitely no SMS for you anymore. :)
get the picture?
I don't like to be the "conversation starter". no i don't. don't ask me why, but i really don't like.
except if i really liked you of course :P

I have so many flaws. And I don't want a too perfect boyfriend.
Everybody has he/she own imperfection right? so am I.
I'm narcissist ? no , i'm not. i just want the best for me. and you have the right to chose what are the best for you.
one of em is that I'm not excellent in starting a conversation. If you're the one who makes it boring, then trust me, I'll make it worst. See, I really need someone who can spice up my life. The second thing is,
I have the biggest thigh in the whole universe. I want to make it smaller. LOL :P.
 If there's no chance, I'm getting all that I listed up there, it's okay. I'll still accept you for who you are and
depending on the reasons why you love/like me. That's all. I'm not that strict tho. x)
nowwwwwwwwwwwww i'm *blushing* aw.. im so embarrassed coz write all these.
I noticed that how i'm against love..
I noticed that how I longing for love now.
perhaps, we can't be extremely over confident that we can hate something for ever coz it turns out,
you'll be loving it someday. Same with the opposite.

Damn elle, you're just 17 chicha !
Any comment? :p