Friday, August 20, 2010

aku rasa..

-Annoying Anonymous-

aku baru perasan aku suka cakap dengan bende yang tak
bernyawa. contohnya laptopku.

aku: kau , kalau hang lagi, aku sepuk pale kau.

Laptop: *bunyi kipas moto laptop*.......

aku: pergh, kurang hajar kau, aku nak main Dragonica nih, kalau kau lag lagi memang
serious aku delete kau pastu aku takkan download kau lagi biar aku download kat rumah
mak aku pastu aku main kau sampai lebam !!! arghh tension nye !!!

Laptop:( telah dibarai dan dicabut wayar batteri dan batterinya sekali).......

takde sape nak ckp dgn aku.wuuwuu

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 Rejected theories.

-Annoying Anonymous-

A tragic tale of romance, passion and murder most foul, now we all know.
that a tale will be a tale for it doesn't and would not be alive..

"I hope your heart will be sore by day. Will be dead by night.
no one among us will survive in this threatening fright.

I suffered for falling in love with you.

I suffered everything.
Now shall I say that I represents the devil.
Who will ends y
our journey. Immediately."- motherfucker.

1.Sick Of Sick
She wonders why
Pretty & energetic lil creature like
Butterfly lives
only for awhile?
She knows, that it doesnt intend to say goodbye.
but still.. why?

2.He Promised.

The sky witnessed all the oaths that they've made.
"Your heart designed and fit with mine."
That's what he said.
She trusted him.
With a blink of an eye,
her heart was treated with vile.

4.unbearable pain.
She can't endure this feelings
She seeks for forgiveness, but she found rebel.
He gave her wounds, and she seeks for amend.

He brought her in his arms.
Made her lay on his body.
Tuck her to sleep.
For once,
She felt the suffering was easily eased down.
But it's just another expected nightmare.

6.Unforgiven for-grieve.

He slowly left.
Sending her away.
The rain agreed with her tears.

7.Forgot That He Wasn't Here.

When She met him for the first time,
She thought that he was her
knight in shining armor.
That will pours away pain,
for her.
She thought he would gives some sunshine and rainbows,
for her.
Pluck away the thorns from roses,
for her.

8.Choose The Choice.
With all her strength
with the knives that been sharpened
She chose to end her life when
She always knew that she had a chance to live.
She doubted it and she always choose the wrong path
from the start.

9. 7+1 sick stories.
I guess now that in real world,
there's no knight in shining armor and
no prince charming that will hold her hand
for just a little while.
I guess no.
There's only backstabbing,anger,lonely and sad.
Conquering every living person in this world.
That just a whole load of pain in the ass.
Don't die, just
fake the smile.

Yeah, just like he said.


Monday, July 26, 2010


-Annoying Anonymous-

sayang sangat.
rindu sangat.
nak dengar suara mu.
dulu aku tak mengendahkanmu.
sudahnya,sekarang aku menangis tak berlagu.
kau berpegangan tangan dgn ku,
anak kecil kehilangan barang mainan..
sungguhpun kau tiada lagi disisiku,
aku selalu mebisikkan rindu..

al-fatihah Mohd Din bin Dahlan

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dramatic Conversation between me and Azazel.

-Annoying Anonymous-

See, the point of me doing this is to tell you guys that
people can change and to be better.Not to be fallen in love with sorrow.
No! We have our own destiny and it is depending on our instinct to make the right choice for our own path of life.
To play with words and letters.Forget the past and bring the future.
And I don't make this because I'm too bored and don't have idea to blog.(liar!actually i'm bored and dont have idea to blog)
& & don't you ever make a deal with the Devil! You don't know with who you are dealing with. They can mislead and cheat you till someday you're regret and grasping for your own breath.

Click this-->(Might change the dramatic to grammatical) XD.Dramatic Conversation between me and xYawNx Punk. The Older version.

Here it goes....

Azazel: I'm here to make your day worst(AZAZEL)
Elle Sick: Sorrow, please blow away my happiness. blow away my kindness. Give me the mind of Satan. give no antidote for my future.

Azazel: that is easy..but with what will pay me for my service?
Elle Sick: I won't let the truth come near you.

Azazel: How are you capable of doing such thing?
Elle Sick: Sorrow, you're the one who was once given dark memories to me. And now, I'm addicted to you.If only you could give me more, I'm gonna help you with your dark dirty works.To help you cover the lights that love to burns your black eyes.

Azazel: Why do u wish to stay off from the lights..isn't it the lights which what u wanted from the beginning of time..
Elle Sick:I'm getting sick and sicker with those lights, they are infecting my eyes,my heart and my soul. But you,you know how sick this world has gotten into the creepy mind of villains. Lights is a poisonous thing.

Azazel: I won't give you what u want..cause you still doesn't know the meaning of life...with what I cant give..with what I need.. you cant exceed..with what I cant proceed..with what do you wish to pay me how or forever longed for my service!
Elle Sick: I'm gonna sell my soul to you if that what you need. Just please,take away my soul.It's a big burden to bear.

Azazel: I wanted no souls for the souls I have are much more meaningful...
Elle Sick: Oh my! I'm getting more sick with you ! You won't approve my wishes right? WHY? I thought you would understands my suffering. Hopeless evil. Enchanted by devil.

Azazel: You're offering your soul as it's tainted with the blood of a thousands satanic army which have fallen for you.
Elle Sick: I'll keep my pain.I'll keep my frazzle mind all to my self. I was wrong about you. You're a tormented creature that gonna give me false hope.

Azazel: My dear,with all my chattering just now it was just a joke..All i want is a pure soul...a soul that is precious for my well being,unless u have anything else to offer me or forever be in vain!
Elle Sick: Cuss you!! You just made my feelings down just now as always. Is that what devil do? If so, let me be by your side every moment for taunting,hunting and feeding on people's feeling.

Azazel: With what I want..You can't give,so forever be in silence.
Elle Sick: I think you need a hue to dye your glow, so let me be the hue.
Pour my blood and at the right moment and spread it,and gild it with a reflection of your nascent dark light!It will be bloody red.

Azazel:As the fire in hell are calling your'll be mine someday..with your flesh that will be tainted with my touch that u will now be in hunger,my dear,cos I will wait much longer.
Elle Sick: You narcissist selfish creature! You don't understand my doom right now! I just want to fall in love with my sorrow! I don't want to be cherished. I want to be noticed.

Azazel: With your words have awaken my anger..just say what you want or you'll be through my slave!My life's fancy, my ardent, passionate desire, Hail! Cries out the soul to you, that will soon part from thee. pray thee for all the hapless corpse.
Elle Sick:MY soul. I'm offering MY SOUL. don't you understand?? I'M HOPELESS IN THIS CRUEL WORLD. I just want more.. more power.More darkness.More Evil.. life is unbalance and unfair. The more you got the power of evil, the more people will scared of you and bow right under your knees.

Azazel: To the great power of devil I shall say that your soul are meaningless..offer me something else..something much more precious..much more valuable.
Elle Sick: I'll give my heart for you.I'm begging you . please make the light,the horrible light disappear from my sight!

Azazel: For what use your heart to me..I'm not a lover..nor a hater..a heart is meant for feelings..the things that i have no power with..
Elle Sick: Heart. it's the most precious thing on me. My heart can't be sell. Can't be buy by someone who are meaningless to me. I'm offering you for free.How could you say that to me? My future is in your hand now!

Azazel: A heart is a thing I cant use.
Elle Sick: You're weak. Now I know that I am much more stronger than you.

Azazel: I can't control it as it power are much more powerful than me.Ordinary people don't know it and keep it as our secret.
Elle Sick: But still,I cant afford my feelings to be in such sorrow for being in a happy condition of false life.

Azazel: A sorrow heart is useful to me.
Elle Sick: Of course it is!Cuss you sorrow heart:too much stain of shame for a person.

Azazel: But once you found happiness,it will disobey me,I shall let the light disappear,I will make the light stop shining to where your foot is standing..,but forever be my slave,be forever as u are..
Elle Sick: I won't think twice for this very fortunate desire.. You can ignore or abandon me.But I will not ever leave you not for once!

Azazel: If that what you want,and I'll be there.
Elle Sick: Oh death melody come near me. Oh devil come near me .I shall be your new queen and quest. Light, finally.. you're away from me.

Azazel: With my songs will comfort u in my dark.. with my sweet..sweet melody will embrace you.Start chanting words for your god.
Elle Sick:Entertain me.


Okay, this is the improved one.Kira sequel lah kononnya & I think it's much more good and less grammatical error than the old one.Aku tak cakap lah yang perkataan2 kat atas ni 100% grammar die betul.I mean much better lah kan.I laughed a lot when I read the older one...HAHA serious dude, macam beza gila.haha merapu meraban aku. Click Nonsense if you think this is yeah, nonsense or click makesense if you think it's okay which I much more prefer than nonsense. haha..

BTW, I'm not devil worshipers. I just love these kind of dark art things. AND no, I don't practice black magic. -_-"

Till then,Peace yo. =)

Elle.Xore:"Feel the pain first and then you'll know the way to endure it"