Tuesday, September 27, 2011


- fucking annoying -

hati sangsi. rasa curiga menerpa.
jauh dalam lubuk hati, perasaan yang tidak disedari.
satu persoalan yang tidak terjawab olehnya,
mengapa empunya diri, tidak mengerti?

dia gila. dia gila.
dia berasa gila kerana tak jumpa
di mana kau bersembunyi,

Dimana boleh dia mencari, Perasaan?

melilau mencari, punah harapan. tiada jumpa.
gelap.. gelap gelita.
menjerit, mengeluarkan isi hati.
dengan panorama jelita yang didiami si musibat.

Hidup dalam kekosongan?
Beban tidak tertanggung..

Dia ingin keluar..
bagaimana kau boleh membantu dia, Perasaan?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Words Of Expressions.

- remorseless.phantom -

Strong. Weak. Truth. Lie. Love. Hate.
simple yet complex words.
simple to express, but yet again, all these words,
are they easy to digest when it came out from one's mouth?
what they mean with those words?
There's a saying,
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Full of anxiety. Full of mystery. Full of hypocrisy. Full of iniquity.

Strong vs Weak.
Why are you strong?
What benefit can you get if you're strong?
Are you strong enough to not to be the weak?
Are you strong enough to not to be heartbroken?
Are you strong enough to face the future and forget the past?
Are you strong enough to unveiled all the lies that clotting in your head?

Clueless huh.

Trust vs Lie.
Fake amiable creatures,they ask you things.
whether you're okay, whether you're all fine.
But to consider it all again, are they really "asking" you?
Can they freed you from those burden inside your soul with asking?
Eased much after told them your stories huh?
But, are you really confident that they are not using you to create a tale?
and are you sure that they know you inside and out?
not merely know about you?
Trust me, I do understand how they worship on gossips.

It's funny to see how people can change,
how they easily play with "oh so intriguing words" , "oh so soothing words" "oh so selfish words"
to make others feel safe or jealous or angry or happy.

Love. Hate
Exasperated by this "simple" words, I am.
Still lingering in my mind. Indistinguishable uproar thoughts.
Love is absolutely a word that easy to say.pleased to hear.
can we prove it? can we prove we love something or someone with that much of sincerity?
Hate is absolutely a word that can scarred one's heart.
Make them feel very futile indeed.
To say hate is easy, but to mean it?
How can we easily hated a person that once we loved so much?

I don't have enough strength to absorb all this absurdness.
these synonyms and antonyms. ugh as if..
I need tranquility of mind. But how?
I can't just neglect and let it lie cobwebbed.
How can we just ignore the scars that once, bleeding?

We have our weaknesses.
But we still have the chance to mend our weaknesses.
Have faith that we can do better.
Have faith.
Is all I can say. Have faith.

Just put a smile on your face when people let you down.
Not that you've got no feelings.
Not that you never care.
Not that you pretend to be selfish.
Just because you're strong.
You feel lonely?
I get that. I used to feel lonely too. but,
In this world, you'll never know what will happen.
who will be there to contribute, who will be there to lend their arms and let you cry.
who will be there to hug you..
Go and plan, organize,specify, but remember, He who always will decide.
You are your partner. You are your companion
Not that you want to be forever a lone ranger.
Just because you can only trust yourself.

and uh, I don't associate with people who blame the world for their problems.
I'm not entertained with people who look down and say bad things about themselves.
Chin up, coz you are as smart, pretty and amazing as you are.Don't look down on yourself coz people see you that way. We all born to have flaws but dont forget that WE GOT SOMETHING that we're good at. :)

We have to fix it by ourselves.
peace yo.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bruises may fade, but this twinge remains the same.

- fucking annoying -

Had this huge argument with someone.
I'd rather break my knuckles than punch somebody else's face.
But it would be really nice to actually punch someone's face who've been so fucking annoying.
Unfortunately, it is opposite of legal. but if its not, then voila, you are welcome anytime
to feel my sweet knuckles in your mouth and have your teeth broken in any way you can imagine.
This is how I overcome my anger.
I don't like to be in rage and being rough is not my thing, 
but if I am, even the badass vampire Eric Northman also can't take the bite out of me .
 So seriously, don't make me in that mood. I really want to keep away from this unhealthy attitude.
You respect me, I respect You. Simple.

why? COZ I'm a SWAG.

Life's a tough luck sometimes but oh well, we'll get over it.
Just go with the flow,
No expectations, no disappointments and to one to know is to have interest.
my life quote is simple but nice.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


- fucking annoying -

sial lah anjing lah pukimak lah babi lah setan lah cibai la
lan jiao lah anjing lah pukimak lah babi la
sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial sial
anjing anjing anjing anjing anjing
babi babi babi babi babi pukimakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
sial sial klasjflksanfcmkadbfoiqehfqowherqowrhqo BABI BABIII
LAHANAT taik la sial tahi lanat puki ksdbfkasbfijqgherpiqwetypoweq