Sunday, January 30, 2011

babi babi semua babi

- fucking annoying -

Babi babi, semua babi
semua pukimak, semua babi, semua anjing
semua itu binatang.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what is the authority of a life?

- fucking annoying -

well, I'm pretty stressed these days.
Loads of homeworks to be done.
As my headache getting the worst out of me,
I cure my stress with reading couple of Shoujo comics.

Can't believe that I found myself laughing loudly under my blanket when I was
reading the comics, although the scene is kind of predictable, but well, at least I'm star struck
by the drawings. Especially the heroes.. ahh.. so beautifully illustrated. so handsome and cool yet so romantic.
yes, I know, it's just a comic, but how'd wish someone like that for me.
But not as romantic as the shoujos would be of course, that'll be too geli for me :O

I hardly laugh nowadays. Just for the sake of people around me,
I fake it."HA HA HA"

Learning Biology,add math,math,physic, and of course our dear chemistry is kinda hard for me.
One word : Difficult and I'm exhausted for not understanding tho its just been a month I went to school.
But I'm not a fragile little kid who is vulnerable and easy to give up.
So, that's why my schedule is tight.
I go to tuisyen after this Chinese New Year. learning form 4's subjects again.

regret is the perfect for me at the moment.
till then "mournsters"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Have an anti-love gay old time/ Would you be my...?

- fucking annoying -

Hey! Don't laugh at the title.
 It's normal to write it when you're a 17 year old girl that
don'tt have a normal relationship for almost 1 year.
* Okay, now I'm regretting this for written it x) *
* i dont want to get too serious, just normal and happy relationship *
It's normal okay! So, don't laugh. :3
I'm completely devastated.
For I am ashamed of my self coz I know, the last time I wrote something about love is when I was the "Anti- lover". People change attitudes and their feelings vary.

I admit it, I can't resist the nature of life.
When it comes to love, there's no resistance of it, we can't deny that we can live without love. It's nonsense.
It's like herpes, no matter how hard we try to prevent it, it will keep coming over again and again.
It'll stop. For a moment, but it will be re-appear. it just takes time to realize it.
Okay, maybe we can stay away for awhile, but we can't stay away forever.
We can search through the right remedy for our scars anyway when the time has come.
Some may find that him/her self kind of have the allergy for the word "LOVE" like I used to,
but then, I realized, until when right?

I want a flawless/perfect boyfriend.
I'll highlight the "perfect" word.
My definition of perfect goes something like this :

I want a boyfriend who can
follow me to travel around.
Coz i like to travel u know.

I want a boyfriend that uses his own money. Not mine.
I know I'm a soft hearted girl when it comes to money. Especially if the person is someone whom u liked or loved. A lot. * now that I told you guys about this, don't you ever take advantage of me *
I needed to be selfish in one thing : money !
I use my own benjamin($), and u use your own fucking franklin($) aite ?

Now, I'm not parsimonious, but I'm sick and tired of giving away my money for free without any
return.I mean,not that I wanted "things or gift" as in returning the favor but at least a genuine "thank you" is enough laah.dont be rude dear.( THIS SENTENCE IS TO BOYS ! )
We can trade sometime, I would love some give and take. It's fair u know.
It's like, I'll buy you foods, and you'll bring me to the cinema, watch movies.
if I give give give, U take take take, mana boleh jadi bro. haha
If u give give give and I take take take, you would be annoyed or angry something like that also rightt? :3

I like short hair guy, same goes to the long hair one. I love them both.
However hmm, not too short, not as well as too long la kot? xD
I like guys with various way sense of style. Who can do Hippies, Vintage, Emo, Reggae , Urban.
Universal you know.

Needless to say, I'm bored with the style I'm growing up with. that's why I seldom upload new pictures to facebook.
Same hair cut since I was in standard 5? Now come on, it's depressing!

Regardless what people may say about me, I know that I'm not one of the "Barbie", though some guy
likes it when their girlfriends tend to be sweet or "mengada-ngada".
But sorry sir, if that's what you like then go on with it. x)

Boys who good in English and is educated really turns me on. *really dude.

Note : I have a very huge wall of ego . if you can break it , then you're my man. :D

Exp: (pergh ada example tu HAHA XD) *im trying to be detail in this . lol
example : You text-ed me something like this " hey how are you " . and I know I will reply this 
" I'm fine thank you, how bout you? Did you ate?"
then you replied this " fine. I ate already "
I won't reply to this.
but you kept sending me txt messages saying that " omg elle, you're very snobbish " or " why you didn't reply to me".
then, there will be definitely no SMS for you anymore. :)
get the picture?

I have so many flaws. And I don't want a too perfect boyfriend.
Everybody has he/she own imperfection right? so am I.
I'm narcissist ? no , i'm not. i just want the best for me. and you have the right to chose what is the best for you.
one of em is that I'm not excellent in starting a conversation. If you're the one who makes it boring, then trust me, I'll make it worst. See, I really need someone who can spice up things to be better. The second thing is,
I have the biggest thigh in the whole universe. I'll try to reduce it :P.
 If there's no chance, I'm getting all that I list up there, it's okay. I'll still accept you for who you are and
depending on the reasons why you love me. That's all. I'm not that strict tho. x)
nowwwwwwwwwwwww i'm *blushing* aw.. im so embarrassed coz written all these things.
I noticed that how i'm against love that good old days..
I noticed that how I longing for love now.
perhaps, we can't be extremely over confident that we can hate something for ever coz it turns out,
you'll be loving it someday. Same with the opposite.

Damn elle, you're just 17 chicha !

Any comment? :p

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a lot more things after 2010.

- fucking annoying -<--*it's my blog's name. HAHA

Hello,my randomly written blog, how are you?
I found out that my blog is getting more and more followers,
I truly appreciate it and hoping that I somehow
could manage to follow you guys back. :')

after quite some time didn't update,
I want to start my "new year" with writing about crazy stuffs that I owned, and memories in 2010.

and shall I say, that I'll be collecting more and more crazy shirts and shoes in 2011?
*imma tee and shoes collecters ! * wink wink
still, I wished that I'm still 16 years old in 2011 that one stupid day.
How I wished for it.. but 17 is somehow going to be fun for me.I suppose.
coz it's my senior's year. XD

Items that I owned.
given by a friend of mine, my mom and sure, bought by my very own money.( hey! I worked before! I'm not mummy's diamond!)

2 Drop Dead shirts ( given by my friend )
Dogs Rm175
Dogs by DD.

Rm125 or 135 maybe?

Skull candy headphone Rm200 -by my self
I had this one earphone, it was red color and white star in the middle, i bought it with my salary money for like RM55 i bought it at Times Square. Then one day, when I was finished eating at sunway, I wanted to wash my hand, then suddenly, I tripped, and POOF ! my headphone's wire were pulled coz i tripped on a table, and my 2 weeks headphone broke into two. what a waste.. T_T. and same goes to my Skull Candy headphone. i lost them both. gonna buy new one tho . ^^

Ellis Mid Vans Rm232- bought by myself too
Ellis Mid that I wore the day that I went to Langkawi with Acen and she's wearing vans too! :D
Even tho Ellis Mid is man's skate shoes, I like the design and it's kinda sporty for me.

Macbeth : rm250 by my mom and Supra : i didnt remember how much but it was given by my friend that gave me those 2 dropdeads.
After 4 years of not getting me any birthday presents, finally, she bought me the one and only shoe that i wanted for so long. thanks mom ! :D like I said before, I'm not mummy's diamond ! x)

I had an Ipod Nano that was given by my Dad.
But I managed to broke it too..the only precious thing that my dad gave to me.
i was so sad. and it was tragic for me. it's a memory between me and him.
I really didn't realize that my Ipod was in my jean's pocket,
so I just washed it in the washing machine. darn it.
I always screwed things up. 
Like my dad's guitar, I did not smashed it, it just dropped then poof, broken into two pieces too.

luckily, my sis gonna buy me new ipod touch after she move to her new house coz we dealt a bet
if i can fast for 1 month complete,she's gonna buy me an Ipod Touch! 

I have some other items like shirts that I bought at Doll Store, they have really cool stuff and you guys must check em out ! you can search Doll Store at facebook.
I support local clothing like Attack Apparel, Joorue and even Ash Mcartney's shirts !
I have sooo many pictures of my shirts that I'm like very veryyyy lazy to upload it coz u can see em at my page lol. haha
 *hell?! why did I even write these thinggsss???*

*kitty cult and wild jacket from dropdead! wait for ELLE XORE !! :D
*1more Macbeth shoes !
*atleast 1 baby cakes shirt !
*1 TOMS shoes !
*1 Cup Cakes Shirt !

Im gonna collect more of DD's shirts, more macbeth.. more vans more some other things
and im gonna save up money to celebrate NEXT 2012 NEW YEAR AT LANGKAWI!
I know it's just the beginning of the year 2011. but hey, we must have plans right? 
hahahaaaaahaaahaaaa can't waittttttttttttttttttttt
I can't really believed that I never, not once, have celebrated new year.
all that I can see the happiness of new year is, watching the fireworks from the balcony of my sis's house.
yeah.. I know right? XD
buuut  im gonna score my spm too! believe it or not baby !
bak kata pepatah melayu, ini bukan omongan kosong. alang2 menyeluk pekasam,biar sampai ke lengan !
azam ku, akan ku jadikan kenyataan !


<3 u !

Hehe 1st day sekolah!

- fucking annoying -

nor fara idayu

'' Awk na tau ta, slame sy skola kt smks tu, sy ta pena pelok sesape ouh. Smpai la pagi td, awk la kawan 1st yg sy pelok kt situ. Lgpon sy mmg ta ramai kwn kn.
Klw awk tade mst sy rse lost gila kt skola tu. Skrg sy da ad kwn baik kt skola tu bru la bole na go on study kt situ. Thnx awak!
Slmt mlm, syg awk :) ''

hehe, ni la sms yang aku terima pada 10:48 p.m,1st day sekolah daripada kawan ku, nur fara idayu.
gila terharu seyh.. :')

*apa? ingat aku tulis blog pasal lelaki ke? aaahaha*
Tapi aku panggil dia oda/fara.
Nak dijadikan cerita, dia ni lah kwn pertama yang pegi tandas sekali dengan aku. XD
dia ni lah dok melepak/borak/belajar dgn aku sama2 dekat sekolah baru tu..
Aku nak tulis panjang2 kang,berjela2 aku merepek meraban kat sini.

awak, awak nak tau x, masa saya mula2 masuk sekolah tu.
saya  pun macam awak jugak..agak lost disitu..
tapi, nasib baik ada luthfa. haha semenjengkelkan dia, dia baik sebenarnye.
nasib baik awak tegur saya, kalau tak,maybe saya sensorang jugak kot kat sana..
ayat first awak " hei,awak sekolah kat klang ea ? "
saya ingat awak masuk kelas akaun sama2.. tu yang saya tunggu awak keluar dari kelas.
tapi awak masuk kelas geografi pulak.. hehe takpelah..
awak nak tau. tomyam awak paling sedap dalam dunia!! saya suka kalau awak masak ! soodapp! hehe
this year, kite sama2 k.. :D saya sayang awak :D
and saya taknak hilang awak.
kite mesti contact sampai ke universiti nanti tau !

so yeah, nur fara idayu ni adalah seorang yang baik hati,comel,kiut,kecik je orangnye, <3
aku sayang dia walaupun kitorang belum kawan lebih dari setahun..
tapi kami ada chemistry yang kuat gituu. eeheehhe.

sayang awak la NF!