Monday, September 5, 2011

Bruises may fade, but this twinge remains the same.

- fucking annoying -

Had this huge argument with someone.
I'd rather break my knuckles than punch somebody else's face.
But it would be really nice to actually punch someone's face who've been so fucking annoying.
Unfortunately, it is opposite of legal. but if its not, then voila, you are welcome anytime
to feel my sweet knuckles in your mouth and have your teeth broken in any way you can imagine.
This is how I overcome my anger.
I don't like to be in rage and being rough is not my thing, 
but if I am, even the badass vampire Eric Northman also can't take the bite out of me .
 So seriously, don't make me in that mood. I really want to keep away from this unhealthy attitude.
You respect me, I respect You. Simple.

why? COZ I'm a SWAG.

Life's a tough luck sometimes but oh well, we'll get over it.
Just go with the flow,
No expectations, no disappointments and to one to know is to have interest.
my life quote is simple but nice.

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