Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hope? its so 1990's

- fucking annoying -
I know I complain too much about my life.
I like to keep things to my self.
I don't like people to know my problems.
I tell the important parts only.
Sometimes, I want to fucking share about my problems, my happiness , whether i am sad or im happy or any feelings that i feel to person that i love and trust. but i can't coz they would not understand. Even if I tried to.
They won't.
They know my name, They know my Stories, but They don't know how i go through it..
i always listen to them even 1%, but i still listen.
but i just can't tell them 100% coz my life is too problematic and hectic to be heard.
how about talk to my mom, oh my sister how about my brother?
damn you,believe me, i tried, they don't understand and i'm tired.
they treat me like i am a fucking naive child.


well the next thing is,
 i'm gonna regret the decision that i've made and i will make from the first time.
things aren't will just stay like that. i bet no,
i fall in love once, twice, third and this is not the last time.
i hope he'll find another one who is much more better than me.
coz i know, i flunked in life. i'm a bad person and i deserved no better than a devil.



well, i flunked in this department too, i suck, i'm too stupid to get my brain to function
spm this year, still am a playful Elle. play much.
worthless for my parent : mom to spend those money to the home tutors.
really suck to be me. I surely want to be dead in my mothers stomach if i know how hectic my life is.

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