Monday, July 30, 2012


- remorseless -

Hye. It's been a while. nearly half a year maybe?
So, I've been away for some reason.
Well, I met a new way of life, new kind of community and yeah new environment.
It affects me as much if I would say.
I'm not that active on facebook anymore, but hey,
I will be blogging again from now. So yeah..

So, mother sent me to Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan in Johor.
the Hostel bores the hell out of me.

and shit. my blog's gettin' bored. .__.
I'll update later when my emotions is not stable.

SO YEAH, baru perasan, that I did not update my blog coz i have a very very stable emotions
for half a year. now, thats wicked for me lah. so yeah,
the PnP starts now, the pressure has begun. xD


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Ngerfan Lennon said...

Poli tersebut kat mana? Boleh lepak ni. Gua ingat lagi lu dari alam maya - Mespes. Tahun tersebut 2009. Diwaktu bbnu melanda aku. Cheers.