Tuesday, January 10, 2012


- remorseless -

-this post is too long by the way-

I know it has already been a few days we're in this "2012" but it is never too late to update right?
Because it is still January! :P which is for me, a complete new start.
I'm 18 now, well.. not exactly 18 ..only 17 years and 2 months old. Okay2.. I dont want to exaggerate more about my age, it will become a long post to read.

I learned so many things this past years..
I learned that, we can't easily believe with what people say..Even if they were one of your friends. Enemy exists among friends.
I learned that, education is very important for our future.
I learned that, love.. is a thing that some people could cope with it leavings, but somehow, some people couldn't. It will eventually comes when it is the right time. We can't force it. It is be a nightmare if we tried it so hard.
I learned that, no matter how hard is your life is, you must remember, that there is always, ALWAYS some other people who suffers more than us.
I learned that, luxuries, is only for awhile. When you have fat ass pocket, they will come to you. But when you don't.. they will disappear slowly. its life.
I learned that, family, is all we had in mind, even at the lowest point of your life, family comes first.
I learned so many things.

Truth to be told, I quite miss my High School life.. I thought that after SPM is finished, I will go and live all by myself, I mean.. it's a new thing to do right? not to depend on your family for once. At least before I "enjoy" the new ambiance in University or College.

But, according to my brother, i'm still young and should've just stay at home.
Well, you wanna know my routine at home every effin' day?
sleep at 7a.m.
wake up at 1 or 2p.m
Accompany my nieces to sleep at 3 or 4 p.m well, you know, I SLEEP TOO. until 5.30p.m
and then I will go to gym at 8 till 10.
Then I will watch Merlin till 6a.m or facebook. or tumblr.or twitter or youtube.
He allows me to work, but insist that I must actually stay at home if I want to work.
hellooo, pendalaman gila kott bas pun 1 jam sekali.
I can't fucking wait to get my car licence. Then, all will be alright I guess.
after thinking for quite a while and to put my feelings at ease, I made up with this idea that my brother actually cares for me and didn't want anything bad happens to me.
It's okay brother, my anger is only for awhile, and I love you too :) *i can't be mad at a person really long*
besides, he's still my brother.

I welcomed 2012 at Langkawi with ma homies : Eykram, Yumi, Nafiss, Ambia, Rath (I REALLY MISS HIM!) , kak fika, Dayat and other new friends.
It was really really really super awesomely fuuuuuuunn!
We did so many things, Banana boat, island hoping, jalan2, makan2 and all.
Eykram introduced me with lobsters, it was my first time to eat that thing. Never had a chance before LOL.
it was super nyummeyh!

and the Banana boat, i tell you its WICKED in a good way, at first im scared to ride that thing coz it keeps bouncing and bouncing and eventually you will fall. yes we fell, for a few times. but it was super fun!
and then, the next day, we went to Island Hoping. we went to Dayang Bunting, we saw the Eagles there.
(woi macam jakun giler je nak cerita semua) haha well, I suggest YOU to go there if you're freee. It is really worth for your money.
We stayed there for 4 nights and 3 days. How awesome it would be if I can repeat those moments again. Feels like I dont want to leave that place. hehe.

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