Friday, July 8, 2011


- fucking annoying -

The thought of him,abruptly aggravating my head.
Explicit memories rushing through my mind.
I saw a picture, it was all painted in dark scarlet,
there was a deep black hole
in the middle of the painted wounded woman's body.
it was me, in agony.
I saw him, savoring my bleeding heart.
It reminds me..of a


Within seconds he came and utter the words "would you be mine?",
Within seconds he go away and never bother to say goodbye,
Everything changes within seconds.

Astoundingly, I felt nothing. I felt nothing for it.

I beseeched him to stay,but in abhorrence he gazed away.
I had been told to sacrifice things for a precious deal.
A memory.

I was an imbecile.

what a memory

A memoir it had be.

Murderer or mister of my heart, 
I know I'd rather meet the blow, 
Of my most unrelenting foe, 
Murmuring in mine ear a song, 
Once loved, alas! forgotten long, 
And on my brow I feel a kiss, 
That I would rather die than miss..

and there it is,
lay on the ground,
a picture of memory..

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