Friday, January 27, 2012


- remorseless -

coz it's easier for me to contact all my friends coz seems like all of em pakai BB now.
FUCK YOU HALV! bila nak bagi duit gua balik pun taktau,
doh, it's 650rm kot. and it was my birthday present :(

-Nike 6.0
-Macbeth Mcqueen and Newman or Pendleton.
mann.. i dont know.. but I have this thing with sneakers..I love them too much,
there's no way I would spend my money on heels. -___- sakit kaki je.
but who knows.. one day.. my heart will be delighted to accept the visionary of a whole new world.
world of feminine. HOMAIGAD xD

Mcqueen.. pretty simple but yet, is very easy to wear.

you'll be mine Pendleton baby. one day for sure!
This my friends, is 6.0.. might consider between the blue or the red one.

Insyallah, if I work hard to get all the money, with my own titik peluhs, it will be all much worthy.

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ovechkin said...

wow nice stuff. macbeth beli kat extreme shop ?