Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Be brightened. PART 1

thou mournful requiem has been sung for hundred of times,

even though the deceased has been kept in a ghoulishly rectangular corpse holder,
thou art as a murderer are still violently beautiful.


"look at her! " Ictinike said in astonishment,
"such a beautiful waste.." he added.

"Oh your eyes knows how to tricks you, this is the body who consumed evil to stay alive, named Succubus!
don't you know her?!" yelled Lucifer,

"I was in err u bitch, so tell me who was she?" Ictinike asked.

"before the sun rosed, I saw her in the midst of hell,
 torturing parts of an unfortunate lad,
 blood was everywhere,
 this sick cunt slept with the lad's heart in her hand,"  interrupt Belial, who are the infamous demon of lies.

"bravo my brother, for the first time, you did not lie to us, truth has been told Ictinike," Lucifer said.

oh the angel of bottomless pit, here I am,
I beseech thee to take me away,
let me be one of your deceased prey,
before they waylay the sickest pray.

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