Sunday, November 6, 2011

Entitled to be cursed forever.

- remorseless -

Shouldn't accept. Shouldn't listen. Shouldn't trust. 
Shouldn't discover love at the first place.
It's very irony that love could mend a broken heart,
and love also has the power to tear a part.

Momma once told me that love is so heavenly fun.
and all what we do is play and run
Love is where a place that no one recognize any hate.
guess it's just another lie and in the hand of malignant fate.

Misery came once in a while,
thought that it could cause no long-lasting harm..
so I dumbly welcomed it with open arms.
But it does,it is vile and wild.. 
everything is unclear and left only unending tears.
when sight isn't that vivid, forthwith it bestowed scars that hurt like acid.

I thought we were stronger than that.
I was wrong. I fought this battle alone.
I could give up long time ago,
But I didn't because I .. I thought we were stronger than that.

and now, im at the lowest point of my life.
I've failed, I've lost. I've nothing in exchange.

This pleasures of love is only for awhile
and it has to end.
Though I have to go through the crowds with a forced smile
but still, I must make some amend.

no more crying in the middle of the night.
no more 4 hours of mourning.
Coz I know, there will be bright shining light,
waiting for me in the morning.
as long as it may.

I've repeated this for second time.
I though it was all untrue when I found you.
But there was I.. wrong again when i let my heart over mind.
I'm seriously broken.
"I guess it's true that in real world, there's no knight in shining armor.
No prince charming that will hold her hand for just a little while.
I guess no.
There's only backstabbing, anger, lonely and sad.
Conquering every living person in world of mess.
That just a whole load of pain in the ass.
Don't die, just pretend a smile."

and there it go once more, 9 rejected theories ,
perpetuating in the mind of it's very own.
I shall not easily fall again..
either in love or life.

Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love; it is the faithful who know love's tragedies.


Mikael Atoya said...

that just plainly nonsense.

Elle Xore. said...

shut the fuck up -___-"

mikael atoya said...

pity that your so fuck up. i will never forget about you. goodbye .shutdown.

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Mikael Atoya said...

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