Tuesday, November 8, 2011

- remorseless -

It took me 1 year to forget about some goddamn guy who
was "in relationship" with me for 1 month. then mind-fucked me.
Pretty intense.results in "cant believe in boys easily" for the whole year.
just certain of em, still can choose who i can trust who i can't trust.
as soon as I give all of em back my trust. shit happened.

How bout 5 months then?
They've lost my trust. forever.
all boys.

Terima kasih :3
better keep it this way. so no more scars.

well, to be honest. i hate myself.
i hate part of me tells me to hate you, another part says i still love you.
how mind fuck is that. haha troll forever.
you have no idea how hurt I am.
i cant trust anyone. not even myself.