Friday, November 4, 2011

Time Travel

- remorseless -

Nothing is real, I know this cause I made a deal.
With the Devil. He told me that i was just wasting my time on the moon.

So I flew to the sun, lost track of my soul on the run
suffering 12 degree burns
I learned that the sun was no fun

So I went back to earth, Tripped and fell in the glorified dirt.

Honestly, gravity sees me as a liability.

So I held my breath, til my soul left my body for dead

I ripped through the clouds, To talk with the man in the sky.

I said " Take this for what it is,, I think you're a tad but prejudice

Against the ones like us that are searching for the answers"

He said " Kid you don't know shit, you should go back home and live

In that quiet little town you left behind"

I'm coming home, Don't you cry ( don't you cry )
I'm coming home, Just in time ( Just in time )

I am a fake A constant go-getter of fate

I lost track of time, I carried my mind on a plate

I seasoned it well, with acid and M.D.M.A.

Then I howled at the moon, Til the sun burnt out both of my eyes.

So I checked my pulse, Standing there white as a ghost.

I lacked a complexion, and stabbed my reflection 12 times

I don't know what I've been told, I will sell my soul to rock and roll

I don't know where to go I have lost control Oh no.

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