Sunday, October 23, 2011

bastards are always bastards

- fucking annoying -

No one ever takes me seriously. Why? Why everyone is acting like that they are all right and never have the tendency to actually feel that sometimes they are actually wrong in the first place? I may be naive, immature and all that attitudes that an infant may have, childish or what so ever, but I have feelings too right? I once tried to be mature but I failed. Why? coz im not ready to face it yet coz why bother to look older than your age? being mature is no fun at all.
I should cherish my days of being young. there's time to be serious, there's time to be annoying, there's time to be fun, ridiculous or being an ass.

Back in the old days, someone burned my spirit to ashes. put a fucking petrol on it and set it on fire. he said : " You are so naive, you're too relying on me. Should be more mature " and then yadayadayadabullshitbullshitbullshit. I nearly broke down and cried, but nope. I dont give a flying fuck bout it now. I was still a kid back then, and that doesn't count.
But now, I am sure as hell, that the guy is the one who are too naive and dysfunctional to think about other's feelings. He's such a selfish soulless dick head. He should die in a car accident. naawhh. im joking.

If you can't accept me at my worst, then you don't fucking deserve me at my best.
I may not be so brilliant, and im not very good in starting a conversation, but the least that i can try is learn. that's how i roll. the more you observe,hear and practice, the more things that you would know.
I can be at this point where I can be extremely stupid sometime, especially when it comes to common sense. I noticed that and I'm improvise my self now. but then, somehow, somebody will always laugh and mock at me, as I am a joke to them. They who've laughed, instead of teaching me the right way, who abandoned me, leaves me in curiosity and ughh!! what goes around comes around you bastards!

I am the winner and always be the winner. thats my fucking oath. and they, they who've laughed at me,
will always be the one who are actually in rage. trollfacemodeon!
and one day, they will be crying on my knees.
begging for pardon with those remorseful eyes.
but then, no mercy will be given unless they've truly learned from their mistakes.

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