Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Suffocating at 2:58 a.m

- fucking annoying -

Today,weather decided to nourish the ground with its teardrops from Heaven.
the rain was easy at was..pleasant to have one
after a whole month we've been enslaved by the fervent sun.
It even persuaded the busiest man to secretly cheats on the time
and has the urge to reminiscence for a while of how extraordinary his life was,
Just for a little while he said.. just for a little while..but the clock's tick tock-ing.
and he's tired of paddling.


The weather decided to be a little bit mischievous.
dark clouds starting to obscure the sunlight,
accompanying them clouds, lightning in fearless bright,
ear-piercing thunderstorms unruly mastering the earth this time,
The rain aggressively hit the surface of the earth,ceaselessly with no rhyme.

Now, we wonder what is wrong with the weather?
Weather plays some trick, and abruptly all the mortals feel sick.

It was like, this weather knows and was preordained to unify with my feelings.
The feelings that I can't justify.

The surroundings,
it was vile,it was cold,it was bitter,it was dull.
felt like electric impulses pervaded into my veins,the frost bite so deep as it could penetrates into my skins.
it explores and injures every part it touched.
my bones, my brains, my lungs, my heart.
I felt the sting of the cold.
I felt very vulnerable and fragile and there was definitely no presence of bold.
it hurts. it fucking hurts.

I need warmth.. I long for the sun.
Where are you when I needed you Why are you running away from me?
When will you perceive that I couldn't go through the day without you Why are you hiding from me?
Sun, Sun, don't go away.
Your shimmering light is what that made me stay.


and yes, im suffocating.
yes, im out of breath.
This sudden change.. this sudden change made impact on me.
It made me strong,
Yes, it was bad memories,that won't slow me down.
I'll imagine it as a fucking fire that'll burn my spirit up, up to the sky.
It was pointless to give up.
I won't kneel and back down.
I'll stand up.
I'll rectify the gap between us, Sun.

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