Sunday, October 23, 2011

love is cheap in facebook

- fucking annoying -

i've seen this scene a lot in facebook.. i mean.. kids nowadays.. 
what did they actually think about love?
is it some kind of a joke for them? no it is not.
"heyy joom open relationship"
"ahh bosannye single.. couple jom! sesiapa?"
"ahh bosannye couple.. single lagi best! break ah!" padahal baru 3 hari tu.
baru jumpa kat facebook dah pandai mintak couple.
pandai mintak itu ini.
"hmm takde org nak kat aku.. aku ni kan buruk" and yaddda yadda yadda bulll shit bullhsit bullshit.
this is cheap.. so cheap.. 

Someone whom you adulate,
deceived you.
Someone whom you abominate,
actually wanting for your love.
Someone whom you defined as friend,
couldn't be any more care less about you.
Someone whom you thought foe,
actually concerned about you.

In this piteous world,
there's no love without lust.
thirst for money, thirst for women, thirst for sex. thirst for power.
that's why it is called pathetic. not the world, but the person.
Sympathy love, cheap love, just name it.
here, there's no single humankind considered to actually Love the Love.

In fact, there's no world full of vengeance, suicide and stress
if you hadn't lost your path in founding what it is actually about life and love.

you've lost and you've lose.
Your alter ego will be in control in the meanest way you can imagine.
though you never came across bout it,but it's actually a silent self killer who could kill brain button if you keep betraying your self.

the clock won't stop tick tock-ing.. tick tock tick tock tick tock
finally disappear the man who mock

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