Sunday, October 23, 2011

just a qwertyuiop sadface.jpg feeling.

- fucking annoying -

oh no. i dont like this feelings.
it happened to me 1 year and 7 months ago.
and i tell you. its not a good one.
this feeling.. ugh i cant describe it.
i hate it. no. no more tears. no you cant. its not worth it.
you're a strong girl Dalilah. you have enough experience to handle this.
yeap. its not worth it. but fuck why?!
i hate to feel this lysosomes contained fluid on my cheek.
now shut up and study.
im happy. im a happy happy happy lil bird.
the world has bigger problem than you have so shush!

fuck im starting to feel that im going to mourn.
damn it.

lol chillax babe. you're okay. smile smile smile.

fuck why am i talking to myself and typing this shit?! qwedsfhkjm,af
goddamnit for godsake, why didnt you put your feelings first ?
instead of trying to make somebody else's happy but not you?
you're fucking useless dalilah. yeah you're a fucking waste of space and you suck big time.

you just need to chillax Dalilah.

*inhale exhale inhale exhale* fuh im alright.

*touch my entire face* nope. im not dead yet. 

im ALIVE and im going to do better for the next step.

yeahhh youu gooo girllllllll

goddamnit, you're one of a annoying alter ego you know that. get the hell out of me.

lol. chillax. im still you. :P

Molten cake anyone? muahahaha btw, im only going to online just for 2 days a week, that is only the on weekends. so yeah..

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chill my baby sis. btw cn i hve ure cake~ =)